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Our Green-IT Support Initiative

We recognize the importance of doing our part in encouraging sustainable IT practices. We do this by providing energy efficiency to our clients through power-efficient equipment, as well as virtualising servers that make a big dent in monthly power bills, and encouraging the recycling of old computers and packaging from new hardware purchases.

This isn’t a simple task, but by making small changes to the back end of IT services, we can make a big difference in the overall footprint of the industry, making our sustainable IT support initiatives a win/win for us and our clients.

A few of the many ways we work with our clients to improve the environment:

Energy efficiency
This is two-fold – first, is using energy efficient equipment; this may mean replacing older hardware with more efficient newer equipment – or simply making buying decisions that include an awareness of the efficiency of that model.

Virtualising servers can make a big dent in your monthly power bills. By consolidating multiple physical servers into virtual servers on one physical box, resource utilization can be maximised, and waste can be greatly reduced.

We take advantage of our local city recycling centre, and offer to dispose correctly all our recyclable packaging for equipment we supply, as well as offer to dispose our client’s end of life equipment through the E-Waste centre at the recycling centre.